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Northfield Public Library: How to Use the Library: Computers & Printing

Use a Computer

The 16 computers for public use have a two hour use limit (if you need more time and no one is waiting to use a computer, you may request for your time to be extended). All you need to start your session on a computer is a current library card and your pin number. 


Besides the public use computers, we have a printing station on each floor to print out documents, make copies, and/or scan documents onto a USB. We also have two designated computers for the online catalog upstairs, as well as one self-check computer.

Printing station on second floor Printing station on first floor

The cost for printing and making copies is: $.15/Black and White copy and $1.00 for color copies.

Scanning is free. All you need is a USB drive. 

On the first floor, we have two self-checks and an online catalog computer.